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Hairdressing Services: Price List

Wash & Blowdry

from €27

Relax and have your hair washed with our Wella Nutri-Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner by a member of our team followed by your choice of blowdry by one of our Salon Professionals -

Straight Blowdry (with brushes and hairdryer),

Steampod Blowdry (hair blast dried with hairdryer and straightened using the L'Oréal Steampod for a poker straight finish),

Curly Blowdry (with brushes and hairdryer),

GHD Curls (hair blast dried with hairdryer and curled using our Wella Profession Style Straighteners)

Child Wash & Blowdry


A child's wash and blow-dry  is a gentle and pampering hair service designed for clients 12 and under. It includes a mild shampoo to cleanse the hair, followed by a gentle blow-dry to ensure it's dry and manageable. This service leaves the child's hair feeling fresh, soft, and ready for any special occasion or everyday look.

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge


Hairdressing Services: Price List

Wash, Cut & Blowdry

A wash, cut, and blow-dry is a complete hair service that begins with a relaxing shampoo to cleanse the hair, followed by a precise haircut tailored to your style preferences, and concludes with a professional blow-dry to give your hair a polished and finished look. This comprehensive treatment leaves you with refreshed and beautifully styled locks.


A restyle is a transformative haircut that goes beyond a simple trim. It involves a significant change in the hairstyle, often including a change in length, shape, and sometimes even the entire look. Restyling can help you achieve a fresh and new appearance by working with your hair's current condition and texture to create a striking and updated look that suits your preferences and complements your features.

Dry Cut 

A dry cut is a hairstyling technique where the hair is cut without prior washing or wetting. The stylist trims and shapes the hair in its natural, dry state, allowing for precise cutting and styling tailored to the individual's hair texture and desired look. Dry cuts are popular for creating specific hairstyles and maintaining hair's natural shape and movement.

Fringe Trim

A fringe trim is a quick and simple hair maintenance procedure where the hairstylist trims and shapes the bangs or fringe section of your hair to achieve the desired length and style. This service helps maintain a clean and polished look for your front hair, keeping it neat and well-groomed

Student Wash, Cut & Blowdry

Our €50 student wash, cut, and blow-dry is a fantastic deal tailored to students. It includes a refreshing shampoo, a precision haircut, and a professional blow-dry to give students a fresh and stylish look. This affordable service allows students to maintain their appearance without breaking the bank, ensuring they leave the salon feeling confident and ready to take on the world

Child Wash, Cut & Blowdry

A child's wash, cut, and blow-dry is a comprehensive hair service designed specifically for children 12 and under. It includes a gentle hair wash, followed by a precision haircut, and finishes with blow-drying to ensure the child's hair looks neat and well-groomed. This service provides a clean and stylish appearance while ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable salon experience for kids.

Child Dry Cut

A child's dry cut is a haircut for kids 12 and under. It's done on dry, unwashed hair. This approach allows the stylist to carefully trim and shape the hair while it's in its natural state, ensuring a comfortable and precise haircut tailored to the child's hair type and style preferences. Dry cuts are often preferred by children who may find it more comfortable than having their hair wet during a haircut.

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge


Hairdressing Services: Price List

Highlights Services

from €60

  • Money Piece - Is a bright frame around the front hairline personalised after foiling or lightening. This technique lifts your complexion and will grow out very softly with minimal upkeep or maintenance.

  • T-bar - Is when you apply highlights across the parting and front sections of your hair, leaving the back of your hair uncoloured. It's the best way to refresh already highlighted or blonde hair to restore it's brightness and bounce!

  • Half Head Highlights - Are generally placed around the top half of the hair, focusing on the front sections and Mohawk section of hair around your face and parting. 

  • Full Head Highlights - Involves highlighting hair in every section of your head. This could be slightly lightening all of your hair or for something more dramatic, going from brunette to blonde

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge


Hairdressing Services: Price List


Balayage: Balayage is a popular hair coloring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair to create a natural, sun-kissed effect. With balayage, the highlights are usually concentrated towards the ends of the hair, gradually lightening towards the tips. This technique creates a soft and blended transition between the colored and natural sections, resulting in a low-maintenance and effortlessly beautiful look.

Balayage with Root Color: Balayage with a root colour is a variation of the traditional balayage technique. In this style, the colorist not only hand-paints highlights through the mid-lengths and ends but also applies a complementary or contrasting color to the roots of the hair. This approach allows for a more customized and dynamic effect, as the root color can be adjusted to match the individual's natural hair colour or create a striking contrast for a bolder look. Balayage with root color is an excellent choice for those seeking a trendy and multi-dimensional hairstyle.

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge

Colour Services

Hairdressing Services: Price List


Permanent Hair Colouring:

Our permanent hair colouring services are designed to bring your hair dreams to life with long-lasting results. Using expert techniques and high-quality products, we create vibrant, rich, and enduring hair colors that reflect your unique style and personality.

Our professional colourists carefully select the perfect shade to suit your preferences and provide full gray coverage if desired. Permanent hair colour opens the door to a wide spectrum of possibilities, from natural and subtle hues to bold and striking transformations.

With our permanent hair coloring services, you can enjoy a beautiful, fade-resistant colour that stays vibrant until new growth appears. Explore the world of endless possibilities and let us help you achieve your desired look with confidence and sophistication.

Semi-Permanent Colouring:

Semi-permanent hair colouring is a versatile and low-commitment way to enhance your hair's natural beauty. This gentle coloring method adds temporary shades to your hair without deeply altering its structure. Unlike permanent dyes, semi-permanent colours gradually fade with each wash, typically lasting for several weeks. This option is perfect for those seeking a subtle change or experimenting with trendy shades. Whether you want to enhance your current colour or explore a new look, our skilled colourists can create a customized semi-permanent hair colour that complements your style and personality. Enjoy a fresh, vibrant appearance without the long-term commitment.

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge

Event Styling

Hairdressing Services: Price List


Elevate your look with an exquisite upstyle at our salon. An upstyle is a sophisticated and elegant hair styling service that transforms your locks into a stunning, elevated hairstyle. Our talented stylists specialise in creating intricate upstyles for special occasions, weddings, or any event where you want to shine. From classic updos to modern, trendy upstyles, we'll tailor the perfect look to complement your unique style and enhance your natural beauty. Trust our expertise to craft a timeless and breathtaking upstyle that leaves you feeling glamorous and confident for your special day


Braids are a versatile and stylish hairstyling technique that involves interweaving three or more strands of hair to create intricate and decorative patterns. Braiding can be done in various styles, such as French braids, Dutch braids, fishtail braids, and more. Braids not only add flair to your hairstyle but also offer practical benefits, such as keeping your hair neat and secure. At our salon, we specialize in crafting beautiful and expertly executed braids, perfect for enhancing your everyday look or creating a unique and elegant hairstyle for special occasions. Explore the artistry of braiding with our skilled stylists and enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality of this classic hairstyle.

GHD Curls

GHD curls, are a signature of effortless and elegant waves. This hairstyling technique utilises the precision and quality of GHD flat irons or curling wands to craft smooth and perfectly-formed curls. GHD curls are celebrated for their long-lasting hold and versatility, suitable for achieving both soft, natural waves and glamorous, red carpet-ready spirals. Our salon's skilled stylists are experts in using GHD tools to create stunning curls that add a touch of sophistication and allure to your hair. Elevate your look with GHD curls, the epitome of style and precision in hairstyling.

Just Straightening

Hair straightening is a transformative hairstyling technique that achieves sleek, smooth, and perfectly straight locks. This method employs professional-grade straightening tools and products to tame frizz, eliminate curls, and create a polished, sleek appearance. Our talented stylists are well-versed in the art of hair straightening, using top-quality equipment to ensure precise and long-lasting results. Whether you desire a sleek, contemporary look or a temporary straightening solution, our salon offers expert hair straightening services to cater to your unique style and preferences. Experience the beauty of effortlessly smooth hair with our professional hair straightening treatments.

Extra long hair or extensions €6 additional charge

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